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About the Company
DreStar Clothing is an international Christian clothing line based in Houston Texas established in 2015. While being recognized by publications such as "Who is Who, "Voyage Magazine" and " 40 Under 40 award", DreStar Clothing has been a staple of hope in the local community. Our brand has impacted communities locally and abroad, with a message of hope and with inspirational apparel that gives our community a way of sharing and expressions of faith.
We have manufactured our brand to reflect the Word of God in today’s fashion and to promote a lifestyle that advances God’s kingdom. We aspire to provide apparel that allows our youth and young adults, men, women, and children,  identify with and express their faith in ready-to-wear fashion. 


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About the Owner
DreStar is a nationwide Gospel rap artist from Houston TX. Born the in the inner city, he was influenced by a street life, rebellious living and criminal activity at an early age. In 2012, DreStar gave his life to Christ and began his ministry as a spirit-filled gospel rapper that will influence this generation through music and fashion. DreStar is now speaking, mentors, disciples and performs for countless youth in colleges, local churches, community centers and has a clothing line that has impacted lives all over the nation. 




YouTube - https://youtu.be/EbwzFiXv_dY

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DRESTAR.MUSIC1/

INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/drestar.music/